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Brad Namdar for U.S. Congress
Texas 32nd Congressional District


Take Part in Something Great

Brad Namdar is the Republican who can win TX-32

As a first-generation American and Native Texan, Brad is running because he is shocked by Washington D.C. abusing its powers at the expense of the American people. He is also disappointed by those who are ungrateful for the blessings of living in America.

Brad's parents escaped from repression in their home country of Iran before the fall of the Shah. Growing up, Brad would listen to refugees on political asylum visiting his family's home, telling stories of torture at the hands of a tyrannical government.

As a public school teacher and soccer coach - turned successful entrepreneur, Brad knows opportunity exists for every American. He hears a divided message of who we are as nation, so he wants to help restore the true narrative of our country. Brad will remind voters of the blessings we should cherish... and the dangers of radical ideology we should avoid..

In Congress, Brad will represent the following principles

  • Will oppose any new tax increases

  • Will vote to reverse, or at least pause, all new Biden federal regulations

  • Fiscal conservative: Will fight to bring federal spending under control

  • Supports re-implementing work and training requirements for able-bodied recipients of all federal assistance programs, while protecting those with disabilities

  • Brad has visited the southern border multiple times and will vote to re-instate construction contracts cancelled by Biden and to secure our border

  • Supports an "All of the Above" energy approach to ensure plentiful electricity

    • Opposes new regulations and taxes on oil & gas​

    • Supports investment in safe nuclear energy

  • Member of the NRA, TSRA and a concealed-carry license holder​

    • Supports Second Amendment​

  • Pro-Life​

  • Supports School Choice

    • Opposes CRT Curriculum in schools​

  • Supports U.S. backing of Israel and its Iron Dome Missile Defense shield​


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